Technical SEO

Robots.txt: Is this file in place, without errors, and correctly set up to guide search bots on what and what not to crawl?

Sitemaps: Are these correctly implemented, up to date, and regularly uploaded to search engines?

Penalty check: Are there any large or sudden drop-offs in traffic that align with Google’s algorithm updates?

Indexation: Are all important pages indexed by Google? If not, what’s stopping them from being indexed? Also, are there any pages that we don’t want to be indexed?

Site performance: How quickly do pages load? How well does the site perform on Google’s Core Web Vitals? Is slow performance causing users to exit the website before converting?

Mobile friendliness: Is the site optimized for mobile? Are pages easily readable, is the site easy to navigate, and are elements easily clickable?

Javascript: Are any scripts being used, do they hinder search engines in rendering and reading the site’s pages? 


URL structure: Are URLs short, clean and concise? Are the pages’ major keywords included in the URLs? Are URLs organized in a clear hierarchy for Google to easily understand their structure?

Internal linking: Is the internal linking set up to optimize crawling and indexation? Is the website easy for users to navigate? Are topic clusters correctly linked together?

Backlink profile: What domains link to the websites, what is the authority of the referring domains, and what is the quality of the links? Are they from relevant pages and use proper anchor text?

On-Page SEO

Tags: What tags and headers (titles, descriptions, H1, H2, etc.) are in use? Are these optimized for primary keywords? Are the titles/tags duplicated or unique across the website?

Schema markup: Do pages have the correct schema makeup implemented (article, FAQ, product video, etc.)?


Keyword audit: What keywords are being targeted, and are there any gaps? 

Competitor analysis: What keywords are competitors ranking for? How are their pages and content organized and composed?


Content quality: What is the quality of the content on the website? Does it correctly match all the search intents of the user (informational, commercial, and transactional)?

Duplicate content: Are there any pages with duplicate content or near-duplicate content? Are pages set up to use the correct canonical URLs?

Expired content: Are any content or products in search results out of date? Does any content need to be updated?


International SEO: How does everything work in different countries? This might involve issues such as having multiple languages, geolocation or redirection, and currency switching.